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FAQs on Selling Land

Thinking of selling your land? Here at First Strata, we want to make selling land a quick and easy process. Below we have answered some frequently asked questions on selling land.

If you have a question about selling land that is not listed below, please contact us on 0330 333 9400.

How do I sell my land?

Selling land to First Strata is a quick and easy process and very similar to selling your home. Simply fill out your details on our Sell my Land page to sell your land and one of our experienced land buyers will contact you about the land you have to sell. Or call us on 0330 333 9400 about selling your land.

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Where do you buy land?

We will consider buying land throughout England. Visit our Land Wanted page for further details of land wanted and to identify the land buyer responsible for your town or county.

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What types of land do you buy?

We will consider buying land of all types, though our land buying criteria is generally for Greenfield or Greenbelt land, over 2 acres in size with the benefits of good access and road frontage. Visit our Types of Land Wanted and Land Buying pages for more information on selling your land.

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Why sell my land to First Strata?

All offers made by our buyers are supported by evidence that cash funding is available. This will provide you with the comfort of knowing that their offers are deliverable, and that they can proceed quickly.

We have a proven track record - we've managed the purchase of more than a hundred parcels of land since 2004.

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Who are First Strata?

We are experienced land agents who have a proven track record in land buying dealing directly with both landowners and land agents. The company is comprised of professional land investment specialists and researchers. This allows our land agents to make informed purchasing decisions swiftly and with integrity. Visit the About Us page for more information on our company.

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How much do you pay for land?

Each and every site that we receive details on is meticulously researched and its land value to us established. Obviously this land value is different for every piece of land that we investigate. Typically we will pay agricultural rates.

However, our clients recognise the 'hope value' of some land and consequently they will pay significant premiums for land with long-term investment and development potential. Land with permissions or clearly identified short or medium term development potential will be discussed in depth on a site by site basis.

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How quickly can you exchange and complete?

Because we have pre-allocated funds at our disposal and have completed many of our legal checks before we make an offer we are in a position to proceed with a purchase extremely quickly. Typically we may exchange two to three weeks after receipt of draft contracts and complete a week later.

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Do you pay referral fees to introducers?

That depends entirely on the introduction and the site in question. Typically, if we were to complete on the purchase of land introduced to us by forwarding agents particulars that we were not already aware of, we would pay a previously agreed flat fee. We are happy to remunerate on a percentage of the net purchase price to an individual acting on behalf of the vendor or to an introducer who has made us aware of land not yet on the market. We are keen to discuss these arrangements on a bespoke basis, understanding that a flexible approach is key.

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